We pride ourselves on our staff, who are our greatest asset. If you are interested in working for or with Procur International you should apply for one of the positions below by sending us an email, complete with a CV listing relevant experience and qualities in English. If your application generates interest we will proceed with a phone call before the final stage which is a face-to-face interview or if not possible via video conference.

We currently have vacancies for the following positions:

  • There are no current vacancies.

  • However, we are always interested in applicants so if you think you may be what we are looking for,
    please send your CV to


    Mountain View We are interested in applicants who speak more than one language and have a keen interest in International Trade. In addition to having an understanding of the market, you must have the right personality and attributes. Necessary attributes include drive, ambition and resilience and these are essential to survive in this working environment.


    Mountain View
    As an alternative to being directly employed by us, you may want to consider working in partnership with us if you are strong in your field and the service you offer is complimentary to ours. We are able to provide work on a time-limited contractual basis as an alternative to direct employment by Procur International.