Delegating to an outside source is a useful practice that often proves more efficient and financially sound than undertaking yourself. International Trade can be a dangerous place, shrouded with uncertainties and irregularities; it's hard to know who to trust. Procur has people on the ground in many popular trade centres who are able to verify face-to-face that a supplier is legitimate, eliminating risks in a cost effective manner. We are open to billing on a project-by-project basis as well as via a "per hour" consultancy rate. For more information and to find out what we can do for you, please get in touch.

Deal Structuring

Mountain ViewAll negotiations are based around the 2010 revision of INCOTERMS which dictate International Trade terminologies in addition to the International Chamber of Commerce issued Uniform Codes & Practice 600 revision. It is essential to know the nuances of these conventions not just to ensure an equitable deal is reached, but also in order to protect supply chain integrity; particularly when dealing with Performance Bonds.


Mountain ViewThrough our diverse network of contacts, Procur International can source the materials you require from FMGC to Petrochemicals. Using Procur to source the commodities you require in the cases where we have existing contacts and relationships can be incredibly efficient process when compared with alternatives. Our FMCG division can provide entirely bespoke solutions for certain products.