Underpinning all activities and everything we do is a long-term financial strategy. Like many other operations within this business, failing to prepare is preparing to fail; and in an ever more global marketplace this is more true than ever. With the rise of developing economies there are countless opportunities to be taken and countless more to avoid, it is important that your risk/reward appetite is balanced like any other business. For the opportunities that are deemed worthy, your downside should be covered.

Risk Mitigation

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All operations in the physical commodities industry are directly affected by price volatility and market events. A lack of a strategy, or more specifically a lack of a hedging facility can leave participants exposed. Risk comes not only in the form of price volatility but also exchange rate volatility, in the worst instances this can cause an otherwise profitable business to become unprofitable. There are facilities that can entirely eliminate these types of uncertainty and bring peace of mind.

Trade Finance

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Financing global transactions carries far more risk than their domestic counterparts. This risk comes in the form not only of financial loss but also political in some cases. In such scenarios it makes sense to utilise trade-specific lending facilities, not only for leverage but also knowledge. A commodities deal that is well structured can be virtually risk free in a financial respect if structured in the correct way. If you have an interest in trade finance or are a trade finance provider, Procur will always be interested in you.