We oversee reliable and secure delivery of energy and commodity supplies at competitive prices. As agents we offer suppliers a comprehensive service covering all aspects of the trade from legal to logistics, we believe that taking such an involved approach is the only way to ensure that costs can be kept low while ensuring transactions take place at the most efficient rate possible.

Due to the diverse expertise of our team we have been able to specialise in several aspects supply chain analysis, including the ability to detect and reduce even the most modern form of supply chain fraud.   This winning formula has allowed us to be selective in our clients, always ensuring we can provide the highest quality resources that can be delivered consistently. We often partake our own analysis of supplier’s operational capacity to reassure our buyers that commitments can be met.

Supply Chain

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At Procur we consider the supply chain an upmost priority. All of the products provided by us are never supplied in a lengthy & slow broker chain. Through our specialized network of contacts, we have been able to establish direct contact and agreements with suppliers of commodities offered by us. Because of our strong sales position we do not engage in activities with Intermediaries and Brokers without verifiable mandates from their buyers.

Integrity Assurance

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When large amounts of money are at stake, it becomes more important than ever that a qualified, reputable inspection company undertakes the task of product testing. The chosen firm must act as an impartial third party but also must have the necessary expertise & equiptment to test to the varying International standards of the relevant territory. Procur can advise clients of such firms.